Welcome to the enchanting world of Lily & Wolfy, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Discover unique, magical gifts perfect for sharing a piece of Switzerland with friends!

A Magical Tale from the Swiss Alps

Discover a universe that brings Swiss folklore and whimsy to life. Each resin art toy is a gateway to an enchanting tale, crafted in exquisite detail to inspire stories of adventure and magic.

Meet Lily, the adventurous Edelweiss girl; Wolfy, the astute Swiss banker; and Barry, the lovable St. Bernard. Each character is crafted to bring wonder and joy!

The most Swiss of Notebooks

Swiss Magic on the Go!

Take the joy of the Lily & Wolfy universe with you on every journey. Our tote bags, adorned with a touch of Swiss magic, are your companions in adventure, weaving tales of wonder wherever you roam.

Thank you for exploring the enchanting world of Lily & Wolfy! Should any questions or wonders stir in your mind, we warmly invite you to reach out. Connect with us on Instagram or with the contact form below!

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